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"Our Mission Statement"

To ensure the success of our customers by providing predictable Angus genetics that excel in all the economically important carcase, fertility and structural traits - thus allowing them to consistently and profitably produce quality cattle that will command a premium price in the market place.


Our cattle meet the highest standards for profitable beef production. They are :

  • bred for the 500-700mm (20-28 inch) rainfall zone
  • An Angus Group Breedplan recorded herd - their performance is compared with the performance of more than 250,000 other Australian and N.Z. sires and dams. The results demonstrate we are in the top 10%
  • paddock reared for ease of management
  • highly fertile and structurally sound
  • based on Te Mania bloodlines (Te Mania was Australia's top seedstock herd in 2000)
  • required to meet the breeding principles of good temperament, calving ease, high performance, heifers calving at 2 years and all cows calving annually
  • from the best Australian, New Zealand and USA seedstock
  • bred with an emphasis on carcase quality (including marbling) to ensure premium prices on progeny
  • Guarantee the fertility of all cattle sold.
  • Offer professional after-sales client service.

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Owner Attributes:

Jacci, Robert & Tony Campbell ... .

  • Are owner-operator specialty cattle breeders
  • Have a consistent aim to make your business grow
  • Know the 500-700mm rainfall zone well.
  • The family of Jacci Campbell (Bradshaw) have continuously farmed at Caniambo for more than 120 years. Robert has worked on the property since 1959. Tony has grown up with the property and has been actively working since 2001.
  • Run the herd on modern herd health and quality-assurance principles. Robert is a registered (now retired) Veterinary Surgeon.
  • Keep up to date with the latest information in the Angus world.
  • Run stud cattle under commercial conditions

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Angus Society Information

Angus Society of Australia Herd Identifier VVX.

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Bull Guarantee

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Stud History

Angus cattle have been running on these Caniambo hills since Jacci's father, Jack Bradshaw purchased cows from the Bongongo Stud at Colac in NSW in the early 1960's. Bulls were purchased from Tom [Jacci's uncle] and Daisy Wood's Holmwood Stud at Moolap near Geelong and from the annual Angus National Show and Sales at Wodonga, gaining the Bradshaw's "Rex Park" property an enviable reputation for quality Angus cattle. This female line of cattle provides the basis of the Campbell Farms Angus Performance Register[APR] herd today.

Our Herd Book Recorded [HBR] Stud herd was established with the purchase in 1992 of several cows[in calf] from the Te Mania stud at Colac,Victoria, and a small number of cows from other top stud herds. Since that time the only introduced genetics have been through purchased embryos [principally from Gerald Archer's Landfall stud in Tasmania], a single cow from the Glen Bold dispersal sale in South Australia, three more cows and a bull from Te Mania and semen from the best Angus bulls available in Australia and the USA.

High fertility, performance recording, structural soundness, a strict eye on temperament and the Angus Group Breedplan Estimated Breeding Value[EBV] system have provided the "guiding light" for breeding decisions. Extensive use of AI and embryo transfer techniques has enabled the original high-quality gene pool to be quickly expanded and developed.

Stud cattle are run together with their commercial counterparts in an owner-operator specialty cattle-breeding enterprise. The herd is run as an easy care pasture-based operation in 21 inch (525mm) rainfall non-irrigated country. To distribute the workload and grazing pressure, calving is a 50:50 Autumn/Spring operation. Heifers are mated to calve at 24 months.

Quality assurance is a keynote, with the herd being run on modern herd-health principles under Cattlecare accreditation. We are also MSA and BJD [tested negative]. All stud and commercial stock are fully performance recorded with data independently analysed under Angus Group Breedplan by the University of New England, Armidale, NSW.

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2000 Seedstock Producer of the Year Competition



Jacci and Robert Campbell, Campbell Farms Angus, Caniambo,received their seedstock producer of the year certificate of excellence from Patrick Murphy, Beef Improvement Association last week. The enthusiastic couple presented an informative field day on subjects including how to use estimated breeding values [EBVs], optimising pastures and the importance of quality assurance to food safety and consumer confidence.

Stock and Land 30 November 2000 Page 11

We responded to the challenge from the Beef Improvement Association to open up our stud to peer review through the SeedStock Producer of the Year 2000 competition.

Every aspect of our operation was open to scrutiny - breeding objectives, records, stocking rates, joining programs, fertility indices, AI and Embryo transfer arrangements, bull management, Breedplan performance and industry/continuing education input.

We only had 2 hours for interview and inspection of cattle. We were confident that our stud was ready for such expert inspection and this resulted in a "Certificate of Excellence" being awarded. Independent judges Tim Hollier [DNRE Wodonga], Rod Manning [Vet, Mansfield], and Dane Martin [Beef farmer, Yarck] also provided us with a comprehensive report on our stud business. Their encouragement and advice has been extremely helpful. Given that we were competing with the Australia-wide winners [Te Mania Angus, Colac] and runners-up [Weeran Angus, Hamilton] we are proud of our achievement.

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