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On Farm

Wednesday, 3rd April 2013

Lunch provided

Helmsman Auction starts 1:30pm

17 Bulls

10 Females

Sale Information

The excellent selection of bulls, the facilities and position make it a very enjoyable day.

All animals will be on display from 10am on sale day or by appointment. The yards are easy to get around and this provides a great opportunity to get up close and personal with those animals that you are interested in. If you wish to view the animals before this please contact Tony Campbell to arrange an appointment.

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On-Line Catalogues

Catalogues are available in two formats online. A PDF of the printed catalogue that can be downloaded and The Angus Society on-line version. A printed version has been posted to those on our mailing list.

If you wish to get a printed catalogue please email or phone (03) 5828-9274.

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Additional Information

Bulls Suitable for Heifers

Whilst we recognize that management plays a pivotal role in the easy-calving of heifers, genetics also plays an important part. Birth Weight EBVs contribute a part in smaller calves. However of far more importance are the Calving Ease EBVs. Look for +ve [positive] calving-ease EBVs, both DIRECT and DAUGHTERS in the pedigree. Note that you don't necessarily have to sacrifice growth to achieve this. In all our sales there are many lots are worthy of your consideration as potential "heifer" bulls, and include some of the best Angus bulls available in Australia today.

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Bull Guarantee

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